Month: February 2007

  • The Discovery that Changed My Live IV

    This is the continuing series I am doing on my exploration of the Tithe. If you wish to read previous entries, and I recommend you do then begin here. The Discovery that Changed My Live I The Discovery that Changed My Live II The Discovery that Changed My Live III you are ready to continue […]

  • Fish Sandwiches and Lent

    Lent is often approached as a time of fasting; it is amazing I know Lent is coming because every fast food place I see is advertising its fish sandwiches.  It is good to know that we still have an impact on the market place but this season is about so much more than not eating […]

  • The Discovery that Changed My Life III

    I again appreciate all of the comments I have been receiving. I am really taking them all into consideration. Obviously I have determined that the Tithe is not a requirement of the New Covenant church. I believe a Pastor has the right to require anything of his members, that is between him and God, so […]

  • Parents have no choice, School has “legitimate state interest” in teaching the homosexual lifestyle

    Further proof that you children are not yours but the states. If the ACLU had their way all children would be wards of the state and just in you house. This parent was arrested because he objected to his elementary age (less than 10) child being taught about alternative sexual lifestyles. What about teaching the […]

  • The Discovery that Changed My Life II

    If you missed it the first installment can be found at The discovery that changed my life part 1I appreciate everyone that has read my thoughts and commented on them. I hope everyone understands I went through this very carefully over a great deal of time. This study isn’t one I entered into overnight and […]

  • The Discovery that Changed my Life.

    Many people have been asking me to expound on my understanding of the tithe. So I will attempt to do that here. I have a huge paper in the works but I hurried the last of it and I don’t like it so I am going to do smaller version here a little at a […]

  • Why is cultural relevance a big deal? | TheResurgence

    Over at TheResurgance they are taking a good look at what it means to live as a Christian in the culture that surrounds us. It is worth a read for anyone who wants to effect change in the world around them. Why is cultural relevance a big deal? | TheResurgence