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Short but sweet

I have to study for my first mid-term so I don’t have a ton of time but I wanted to put a few thoughts out there for now…

  1. If you were young enough to wear a fashion the first time it was popular don’t wear it when it comes back.
  2. My prayers may have been answered, it looks like Fred Thompson is going to run for President. If you aren’t sure who he is you it was a Prosecutor turned Senator turned actor, he is the DA on Law and order. He may be the only conservative in the race.
  3. It is really true that humans want legalism and religion by default? It seems that all new trends in Christianity that start as anti-legalism and anti-religion eventually end up with their legalism of their own breed.
  4. I have begun to get back into magic I did it for a little bit when I was in high school but haven’t really touched it since. There is something very special about that particular performance medium, there is that great feeling when the people you are performing for have to do the double take and you are the Prestige. (See the movie if you haven’t)
  5. Is it just me or is new wave music coming back?  All I hear on Launchcast seems to say it is, which is great if for no other reason than to get rid of that whiney emo crap.
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Songs that define me

As Mr. Chesney says “We all have those songs that somehow stamped our lives, takes us to another place and time.” and I just thought it would be neat to look at mine, maybe they will also be yours, maybe they will make you think of your own.

In no particular order but the order they came to my mind.

1. Bohemian Rhapsody, Queen – I first heard it when Wayne’s World came out and I loved it, I learned to head bang to that song. My friend Don Malcolm hipped me to Queen and from that moment I was a fan. I still believe no one holds a candle to Freddie when it comes to voice and stage presence. He was the consummate performer and I regret greatly that I wasn’t old enough to see him live. This song more than any other may have defined my teenage years.

2. Fahrenheit, Five Iron Frenzy – When I became a Christina Ska was the stuff. I loved the goofy style and the music. FIF was one of my favorite bands, and they still are on some levels. This song is older but I have only heard it recently, it is about Freddie Mercury and how, as a Christian, Reese Roper (FIF front man) turned his back on Freddie as a result of misguided religion. Reese is still a great lyricist, he has a great way of putting things into words that you understand but don’t have the means to express.

I was in eighth grade,
I said he was a queer,
I thought he had it coming,
he died of Aids that year.
My liberty,
like Christ’s death meant nothing to me.

When my veins choked thick with spite,
blind man’s bluff burns in hindsight,
for Freddie Mercury,
Mr. Fahrenheit.

Predisposed to bigotry,
the regular run-of-the-mill American story.
The stench of greasepaint on our faces,
pass the mask to our next of kin,
instead of wiser idioms,
like “love the sinner, hate the sin

3. Hunted, Insyders – This song is one that not to many people have ever heard but is it amazing. It formed a story in my mind that I someday hope to get down on paper and helped me to live better as a Christian. For a fuller understanding of this song see it’s entry in this blog here: The Hunted

4. Nothing Else Matters, Metallica – The “Black” album is still the only Metallica album I have ever owned. This song used to keep me company alone for hours when I was in my room; you remember those days when you could listen to the same song over and over again. (Some of us never grow out of it) It may have been my favorite song on the album.

5. Where Did You Sleep Last Night, Nirvana – I completely appreciate what they did for music but I never became a big fan of Nirvana, with the exception of the “Unplugged” album. I heard it for the first time the night I found out a friend had died in a tragic accident and the memories of that night are forever attached these songs, particularly the last one.

While I am on the subject of music, why does that new Avril song have to be so catchy!!!

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This is my world

As someone who loves CS Lewis, especially the “Screwtape Letters” and someone who spends some time talking theology on the net I found this to be all to true.

 The Screwtape Emails



Maybe it is just me, or maybe I expect to much but I just got my syllabus and text book for my first class on Monday and I had a weeks worth of work do to in two days, which was not really a problem as the class was personal finance, something I am somewhat versed in.  My problem is I did poorly in high school math not because I didn’t understand the concepts, I don’t know that I was ever challenged, but because I thought my time was better spent doing other things than the 100 problems of busy work I was assigned to enforce the concepts that came naturally to me.

I find myself in a similar situation now, I just did 32 problems of what I consider time consuming 5th grade math (10-x=5).  Maybe it is simply because I have studied these things on my own and I understand the concepts but looking forward to my next few classes I don’t see a challenge, outside of keeping from being bored, in my future.  I am almost ready to say forget it, but I don’t want to quit.  This program is meant for working ADULTS, I know that word usually means someone is getting naked but to me it means I want to be responsible for myself.  My ideal college plan is tell me the course and the objectives then give me the final.  If I have questions I will ask or find them myself.

Thanks for listening to my rant.


Viva Las Vegas

I spent the last few days in Las Vegas with my wife and some friends.  So, I am still recovering so to speak.  The first night we met up with some friends that had arrived earlier that day and we walked the strip, well we walked from Bally’s to the MGM which was far enough for our first night.  We watched the fountains at the Bellagio which was pretty but not as impressive as I thought it would be, in fact that may have been my motto for the entire trip.  I don’t know exactly what I was expecting but it was what I expected.

The next day I got up to play a Hold ‘em Tournament, my first goal was to not be the first one eliminated which I did, then I wanted to make it to the second round (each round was 15 minutes) I made it to the 5th.  I out lasted the two guys I was there with and I took out three people personally, one guy got a set on the turn to put him ahead but I rivered him with a flush.

That night we went to see Carrot Top who was incredibly funny although he seemed to be a little off of his game due to illness.  It was a little strange because he shares a theater with a burlesque show called fantasy, so as you are walking toward the theater you see either this goofy looking red head or hot half naked women.

While I am on the topic, if you are someone who tries to keep your eyes from seeing things like that Vegas is not for you.  If you don’t like to see a lot of flesh you need to stay home.  I was warned about the smut peddlers but it was far worse than I thought.  These guys didn’t care if you were with your wife or your kids they were handing out flyers for strippers who would come to your room.  The strip is littered with them, another reason I wouldn’t bring kids to Vegas.

Friday afternoon we say the “King of the Afternoon” Mac King a fiend of a friend got us tickets and we sat right down front.  It was a great clean show, no language although a few innuendos I would say PG-13, but very close to PG.  Then we went to Freemont Street, which is old Vegas.  The one thing I notices was there were not smut peddlers there, I don’t know if they aren’t allowed to be there or what the deal was but it was a little nicer.  The casinos were older and hence not as updated but I think it was better than the strip none the less.

Another interesting thing I saw on Freemont Street was the Jesus Freaks, and I don’t mean that in the DC Talk kind of way.  I mean the goofy looking people with the signs that say God hates everything you came here to do.  While it may be partly true it is none to effective.

All in all my trip was good, if I go again I would know how to do things better, I would go to Freemont for all of my gambling because it is cheaper and I would eat off the strip for the same reason.  It was a good weekend and it was nice to get away but it is also good to be back home.

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An interesting Debate

Is Christianity good for the world?

This is the question between an athiest and a Theologeon in this article.

I would like to answer this question myself, I believe even outside of Jesus redeeming all of man kind Christianity has done a great deal of good for the world.  I of course exlcude those who call themselves Christians but do not live the life Christ called us to.

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Back to School again….

So I will be starting School again in a few days.  I am doing the Ohio Dominican Universities LEAD program, it is a one night a week accelerated program designed for working adults, which is what I need.  I don’t have to select classes they are selected for me and I will go through my education with the same group of people like in elementary school.  There is a lot of group work and homework but I will have my Associates in two years and my BA in four which is faster than most students actually finish school.

Why does financial aid have to be so complicated?  I spent a few hours asking the government for my money so I can pay for school.  It is a little annoying if they just let me keep it I would be able to pay for school without asking for my money back.  Anyway, I don’t want to get off on that but I may not be able to post as often as I like but I will still try.  I would really like if people responded one way or another to the posts here so I know who is reading and what you think.  I am always open to constructive criticism and I believe that is the best way to improve.

Well just wanted to let everyone know what is going on in my life.


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The Internetmonk has a great way of looking at things sometimes and I really liked this in view of some of my recent thoughts about the Bible. » Blog Archive » John 3:16 and the Importance of the Old Testament

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Self Improvement

Some time ago I was forced to attend a Corporate Values training session, for my company. For those of you who have never had the pleasure this is a time when we all get together and share our feelings and learn how to play nice with one another. Ok, it really isn’t all that bad but it is a sad state of affairs when we need this kind of training for adults, some things were just simply common sense. But I did learn some things about myself and how I can improve my relationships with others so I thought I would share.


That’s it I am moving to Texas

I have said for years that Texas is one of the best states not only because it is only one to still have state pride, but because they tend to just make sense. In the wake of the VT massacre Texas’ Governor Perry has a great answer. State Government