Maybe it is just me, or maybe I expect to much but I just got my syllabus and text book for my first class on Monday and I had a weeks worth of work do to in two days, which was not really a problem as the class was personal finance, something I am somewhat versed in.  My problem is I did poorly in high school math not because I didn’t understand the concepts, I don’t know that I was ever challenged, but because I thought my time was better spent doing other things than the 100 problems of busy work I was assigned to enforce the concepts that came naturally to me.

I find myself in a similar situation now, I just did 32 problems of what I consider time consuming 5th grade math (10-x=5).  Maybe it is simply because I have studied these things on my own and I understand the concepts but looking forward to my next few classes I don’t see a challenge, outside of keeping from being bored, in my future.  I am almost ready to say forget it, but I don’t want to quit.  This program is meant for working ADULTS, I know that word usually means someone is getting naked but to me it means I want to be responsible for myself.  My ideal college plan is tell me the course and the objectives then give me the final.  If I have questions I will ask or find them myself.

Thanks for listening to my rant.

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