• Back in high school we used to start a debate by asking some questions to get people thinking, one of them was if you had to choose one would you choose to be deaf of blind. I was one of the only people who choose blind because I used to love music and it was such a large part of my life I couldn’t understand being without it but I believe now I would choose deaf because I couldn’t stand not to be able to read, or see my children grow up. (I know I could learn brail but not every book is available in brail.)
  • It is amazing that I have only had a cell phone for 7 years but I don’t think I could live without it. Heather has only been without her phone for a few days but I never realized how often I wanted to call her during the day when she wasn’t at home. In my interest in living a simpler life I would like to eliminate some of those things from my life, I don’t know how long it would take me to adjust to not having a cell phone. And don’t even get me started on DVR.
  • Monday was Heather’s birthday and I stopped by the florist on my way home to buy her some flowers. While I was there a woman was trying to find “Football” mums and the young girl trying to help her wasn’t quite sure what she was talking about. When the young girl left to find out more the woman looked at me as if I would sympathize with her as she said “She needs to go back to school” I wanted to tell her that I didn’t know what she was talking about either but I kept my mouth shut

On my way out the door with my flowers, she looked me and asked “What did you do?” I said, “I went to work so my wife didn’t have to, I will now go home and care for my daughter whom I love dearly, and tomorrow I will continue to be the best husband and father I can, which may include buying flowers for my wife to let her know I lover her.” But I didn’t I just said it was my wife’s birthday, but it is a little offensive that a man must have done something wrong if he is buying flowers.

  • I think I am turning into a bit of a wimp, since the day my daughter was born I have had no interest in watching horror movies, thrillers, SVU, CSI or any of those types of shows, I just don’t have any interest. I have even had to leave the room when there was a movie about a little girl being kidnapped. I feel like a pansy but I just don’t have any interest in it any more. I don’t need that type of entertainment; it feels more like rubber necking at an accident that actual entertainment to me. My life is serious enough; I would much prefer to laugh than to stress.
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Blowing my Mind — Willowcreek “We were wrong”

I am not trying take this time to bash Willowcreek but I am tipping my hat to them for admitting their errors and continuing to seek God regarding how they are supposed to do things. It is easy when you are one of the most ‘successful’ churches in the country to just put it into cruise and maintain but they are not doing that, so kudos to them. And secondly for admitting their mistake to a global audience and doing their best to correct what their influence may have caused.

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Hidden in My Heart

I have decided to challenge myself to memorize God’s word, not in verses and words but an entire book of the Bible. I don’t do well trying to remember the ‘addresses’ of verses when I have memorized them in the past and I believe it better to know the entire context of what you are quoting to get the point.


The Game

I found these and thought they were funny…

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Reflections on the Modern House Church Movement

Frank Viola has a long and rich history in the world of House Churches. He has written a great deal on the subject and spends a time traveling and planting churches all over the world. This article looks at the ‘movement’ from a very high level and includes his experiences of different kinds of house churches and how they come to be and their potential failures

Present Testimony Ministry- Reflections on the Modern House Church Movement


30 days of crap

I have rarely walked out of a movie and been so upset with myself, in fact I would say that this is the most angry I have ever been after watching a movie, and I have seen “Powder”, “Dungeons and Dragons”, and “Dracula 2000” “30 Days of Night” was by far the worst movie I have ever seen. I wasn’t very thrilled about seeing it to begin with but I was out voted by some friends who wanted to see it.

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My name is Jason and I am an Arrogant SOB.

Recently, God has been showing me more and more how all of my issues relate in some way shape or form to the sin of pride. Even to the point that I was proud of the fact I had finally realized my struggle, not that is irony.

I hesitate to write about this for the fear of being prideful in the process but I hope that my struggle can help someone else and in confessing these things help me as well. There is an awful lot of ‘self help’ books in the Christian books store but what I need is a book called ‘Don’t Be Such an Arrogant Prideful Jerk’ I haven’t found it so far.

Anyway this article was extremely good and I know often people don’t read the articles I post but please read this one…Dale. 🙂

6s and 7s | TheResurgence

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Interesting Conversation

I was just pulled into an interesting conversation that began with Senator Craig and ended up talking about mega churches and the TBN crowd. I got to listen to one agnostic, former Catholic, and a occasional church goer give their unabridged opinions on several church issues, while I prayed my hardest to say the right thing.

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House Church Clarification

When I talk about house church it is rare that I get an excited response but this past Saturday a friend introduced me to another couple as running a house church and the couple was actually excited and interested in the concept.

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The Gospel

Some Time ago a quote from DA Carson and it has really had a profound affect on the way I think about the gospel and ministry. Here is the quote in full context and a link to the text of the message.

Perhaps more common yet is the tendency to assume the gospel, whatever that is, while devoting creative energy and passion to other issues—marriage, happiness, prosperity, evangelism, the poor, wrestling with Islam, wrestling with the pressures of secularization, bioethics, dangers on the left, dangers on the right—the list is endless. This overlooks the fact that our hearers inevitably are drawn toward that about which we are most passionate. Every teacher knows that. My students are unlikely to learn all that I teach them; they are most likely to learn that about which I am most excited. If the gospel is merely assumed, while relatively peripheral issues ignite our passion, we will train a new generation to downplay the gospel and focus zeal on the periphery. It is easy to sound prophetic from the margins; what is urgently needed is to be prophetic from the center. What is to be feared, in the famous words of W. B. Yeats in “The Second Coming,” is that “the centre does not hold.” Moreover, if in fact we focus on the gospel, we shall soon see that this gospel, rightly understood, directs us how to think about, and what to do about, a substantial array of other issues. These issues, if they are analyzed on their own, as important as they are, remain relatively peripheral; ironically, if the gospel itself is deeply pondered and remains at the center of our thinking and living, it powerfully addresses and wrestles with all these other issues.

The Gopel

The audio can also be found here.