Best of //Godfidence 2008

I thought I would drop a list of my favorite posts of the year as well as the “Reader’s Choice.”  Take some time to look them over won’t you.

Jason’s Favs:

  1. Pride again rears its head. — I enjoyed this post because it gave me some insight on my personality and I hope has really helped me in my relationships with others, I know it has with my wife.
  2. Wow, answer to prayer! — This is just a good praise to God for answering prayer.
  3. The Parable of the Soils — This was another personal revelation and I wrote two posts on it although one is personal I believe it is still affecting me.
  4. Studies in Words — This was a great book by CS Lewis that I attempted to review.  It was just a great experience.
  5. First Among Equals — This was an addendum to my Biblical Leadership series, it makes the list because it was an example of what I wrote about in “Pride”(above)
  6. Biblical Church Leadership — This was fun to research and fun to read because I was able to learn for myself and look into a topic that has been much debated.
  7. Suburban Missionary — I wish I would have kept up with this series, not because of the writing but because I want to reach out with the Gospel to those around me.
  8. Community: a synchroblog — It was fun to take part in a synchro blog and this was a topic I care about.
  9. Being an Abba — This has been a great thought as I attempt to raise my daughters in the admonition of the Lord.
  10. Tribal Culture — I still haven’t had time to read the books some readers recommended on this one but I am still thinking about it.
  11. Could our financial woes be good for the Gospel? — Just some thoughts to put a good spin on the troubles we are facing.  I am not the only one thinking it

Reader’s Choice — Most Popular based on comments and number of times read, and some other factors.

  1. Rob Bell’s Trampoline
  2. Book Recommendations
  3. Through the Bible: Conquerors
  4. Suburban Missionary
  5. Biblical Church Leadership
  6. Community: a synchroblog
  7. Friday Videos: Global Warming
  8. Pagan Christianity
  9. Suburban Missionary: Friend of a Friend
  10. Pirates? Are you serious?

My Birthday

Today is my 30th birthday.  In case you wanted to know…

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Messiah as a Baby?

At church last night I had Zoe strapped to my side in her little carrier.  Leaving my hands free and my biceps relieved.  I couldn’t help but wonder as we sung about the advent of our Lord as a baby what it would have been like to look into the eyes of your child and see the eyes of God.

We know Jesus was perfect but he was still a child, did he try to grab EVERYTHING he could and put it in his mouth?  Did he cry out as the Rabbi was trying to speak?  Did he only cry out when Mary sat down as Zoe did last night?

It is such a strange idea that the savior of all mankind came to this earth not in a flaming chariot, or with an army of angels.  He came as a baby in a manger and the only angels were the choir that sang not to the kings of the earth but to the shepherds.  He wasn’t at all what we expected but he was definitely what we needed.

Just a thought.


Live Blogging WBCOOP

If you don’t like poker skip this entry…  If you are not sure what the WBCOOP is see my previous post.

I decided to live blog the tourney so I could keep my ADD in line and not blow it.

  • My first goal is to make it to the first break; one hour into play.
  • I got started pretty well with a pair of Kings, and was able to walk way with a few hundred chips which pushed me into second place for just a second.  I quickly fell but haven’t been below
  • I am trying to keep the number of hands I play down so I can not lose on stupid plays.
  • I am also trying to not take any risks early so I can stay alive.
  • 45 minutes in I am doing pretty well, 97 of 394 but I need to be 72 or better to advance.
  • My biggest win was a when I flopped a set of 6’s but I have done pretty well winning and kept my losses small.
  • Made it to the break
  • With a stupid play, because I was on the phone, I dropped to 148 of 340.
  • The ante’s begin after the break, I think I may have to open up my starting hands a bit more and make some good moves.
  • It doesn’t help that the best hand I have seen all night was the one set I won with and one I folded preflop.
  • Time to start stealing blinds and antes 🙂
  • JJ I hate those cards…whew everyone folded to my raise.
  • 1700 with 66
  • Back down with AK (Anna Kornikova, looks good but rarely wins)
  • 2589 with AQ
  • flopped another set but checked raised to hard on the flop and scared money away…
  • Doubled up on my first straight of the night.  77th place
  • Next hand KQs Split pot with KQs
  • Folded TT to an all in bet only to have folded a $2000 hand. full house would have won it. arggghgh
  • Lost half of my stack on calling an all in with KQ to AJ.  It was stupid but I figured I was 50% and had to take a risk, ok I am just trying to make myself feel better.
  • I want to make it to the next break in 19 minutes.
  • I am down to 10 Big blinds
  • Back in it with another set that I was able to slow play but I got scared off my the two kings on the board.  92 of 159
  • AJ against one player, I flopped top pair with my jack he raised for 1000 1/3 of his stack I pushed all in and he folded.  57 of 154
  • AA I raised for 900 (3BB) and then pushed all in after the flop only to find out my opponent had flopped a set.  I busted out in 153 palce 6 minutes short of my goal to reach the next break.  I got to excited when I saw the AA since I hadn’t seen it all night in the 145 hands I had played.

In retrospect I shouldn’t have played pushed all in even though the odds of him having a set were terribly small if he was willing to bet he had something.  I was just hoping it was KK or QQ.

Well better luck next year.

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Financial predictions Redux

I just want to drop a few predictions so I can point back to them when they happen.


One piece of trivia I have always loved is that Al Capone’s business card said he was a second hand furniture salesman. I thought that was silly because who buys second hand furniture. Well, I believe we are coming to a time where we will see a revival in this type of business, where we would rather buy used high quality goods than spend too much money on new cheap goods.

My parents were born into a family that had lived through the Great Depression and they, like many of their peers, have traits associated with people who lived through such a hard time. They hold onto everything; their cupboards are full of plastic containers that they use to store leftovers. Why spend money on Tupperware when it comes with your butter?

I think for real lasting change to take place our culture is going to have to go through a similar paradigm shift in how we live. I have found myself thinking about purging items from my home thinking that if I need them again I can buy them but it may be better to hold on to things and find a use for them than to spend the money.

I predict the return of second hand furniture stores, a reduction in eating out and many more habits associated with the “wartime” lifestyle. I would already encourage Christians to do such a thing in order to promote the kingdom of God. Heather and I have looked at our life, but perhaps not deeply enough, in an effort to reduce our consumption and the waste we have in our life. We do this not only to improve our quality of life but to reduce our need for money in the event that God calls us to do something else. I want to do something for the Gospel and I don’t want my love or money to hole me back.

I also predict the next bubble to burst will be the education bubble. For years the government has been throwing money at people to get a degree. A lot of people are over their head in debt with little or nothing to show for it. They are unable to get jobs that pay well enough to pay off their loans. When the government starts giving away money toward something it becomes quickly overpriced because the “free money” increases the demand. College education has become far to expensive.

I have already talked a little about how the financial situation we find ourselves in could be good for the Gospel as a whole but I believe it could be got at a more granular level as well.

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World Blogger Championship Of Online Poker (WBCOOP)!

You may have noticed a new little logo in the sidebar of the site. I have been accepted to play in the World Blogger Championship Of Online Poker or WBCOOP! Yes, I confess I play poker. I learned to play poker on a youth retreat years ago and I have played off and on for years. I have recently began to play a little more and it is a habit I really enjoy.

It seems that all of my hobbies, accept reading theology, are typically not habits that Christians partake of. All I need to add is wine tasting and I will have the perfect sinful trifecta. Anyway I don’t want this post to be a debate on the nature of gambling and proper stewardship we all have things, normally entertainment, we spend money on; this is mine.

I will be playing in the preliminary tourney next Tuesday the 16th at 7EST. Wish me luck.

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Christmas Wisdom from the Sage

Over at letters from Kamp Krusty the Sage is dispensing tons of great free Christmas adivce

“Oh, but it’s Christmas! It’s a special time of the year! I know, we’re in debt, overall, but it’s Christmas, and that’s only once a year, and — ”

“And…” you’re an idiot. Seriously.


The Sage says it in love. The Sage also says, in love, that if you spend $150 on your kid for Christmas when you don’t have $150, you’re not only giving your kid a neat-o Nano, you’re giving your kid a gift that keeps on giving: The gift of foolishness, surrounded by beautiful lights, the scent of pine, and fudge. The gift of foolishness, on display, etched in memory.

Read the whole article, it is pretty good.

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Never Heard that Before…

You may have heard the song, or seen a picture that lists all the names of Jesus from the Bible. I just came across two that I have really never heard before: stone of offense and a rock of stumbling. I guess that just doesn’t sound as good as Lily of the Valley. 🙂

“Behold, I am laying in Zion a stone of stumbling, and a rock of offense;
and whoever believes in him will not be a put to shame” — Rom 9:33

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Christmas for my Family

Christmas in My Family

Maybe I am an extremist when it comes to Christmas and the issues surrounding it but I get pretty excited over it. There is no other religious observance or holiday that is undermined so much in our American culture.

You don’t see TV shows and movies that tell you the “true meaning” of Chanukah is something completely unrelated to is original meaning and I can’t even imagine the outrage is we distorted the “true meaning” of a Muslim holiday was something other than its religious purpose.

Christmas is the celebration of the first advent of the Son of God, Jesus of Nazareth. God gave us is Son who would live the life we should have lived, die in our place for our sins, and rise again showing God’s acceptance of his sacrifice, all according to the scriptures.

I don’t say the gifts they receive are from Santa, I don’t intend to tell my daughters about Santa Clause until they ask and they we will look up St. Nicholas together. It may seem extreme but I don’t want my girls to be confused when they learn Santa isn’t real will they associate his non-existence with that of Jesus? “Well if Santa isn’t real maybe Jesus isn’t real either?”

I don’t ever say things like “If you aren’t good, or if you don’t do x Santa won’t come.” First of all, I don’t make threats that I have no intention of following through with. My daughters know if I say it I mean it.

I don’t want my daughters to even subconsciously make the connection to their behavior and the gift of God’s son. Let’s be clear, we don’t and can’t deserve the forgiveness of sins and the gift of Jesus. The point of the gifts should be the same; my kids don’t deserve it either. They are given gifts simply because we love them as God loved us, not because they were good all year (The last person to be good all year died on a cross)

Thirdly, I am not forcing this thought process on everyone, I am not wearing t-shirt that says “Santa isn’t real” and ruining it for children, (Although I am thinking about getting one for my daughter that says: Don’t mention Santa to me spoilers enclosed) and then training her to say “Santa isn’t real” to any one who mentions him to her. OK, not really but I want to.

In our home we have decided to take this Holy day and treat it as such, my girls will learn far earlier than I did the reason for celebrating Christmas, and every year it will enforce upon them how great the grace of God truly is.

I don’t mean to sound so tenacious about this but I feel constantly under attack by every “Christmas” special and movie out there which constantly tries to apply something to this Holy day that isn’t the gift of God’s son. I don’t care if we all love each other, or if we learn it is better give than receive, or learn what family is all about or what ever other tripe Holly wood can come up with. If it isn’t the birth of Jesus Christ; it isn’t Christmas.

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A new way to read it…

Every year since I started this blog I have tried to get people to read through the bible with me, in fact this site started in large part with a forum to discuss what we were reading. I still keep my schedule as one of my pages at the top of the page so people could jump in at any point.

I have discovered a new way to read the Bible that I have found very useful and I wanted to share it with everyone since the new year is quickly approaching.

With the advances of web 2.0 it has become increasingly easy to have information delivered directly to your computer, this includes your daily bible reading. Crossway has put out feeds of daily readings for just such a purpose. If you don’t use a feed reader already you can use firefox of Google reader, you will need to register for a Google account if you don’t already have one.

Then simply visit the crossway feed page. You can find daily devotion feeds, bible in a year feeds as well as feeds for memorizing the word of God. It will all be updated daily and published in your reader for you. Additionally they include the audio so you can listen to the passage if that is easier for you.

However you do it, READ YOUR BIBLE, it will change your life.