//Godfidence Tweets 2010-01-31

  • How to they make your phone die just before your conract is up? #
  • "People will never know what's in that bill until we pass it" David Axelrod on HC bill, How is that for trasnparency? #
  • Just listened to my oldest pray for Jesus to help her attitude on the monitor. It was sweet and touching. #
  • @nicknye Would love to come but our group is going on a quick service project. in reply to nicknye #
  • @dsackr Outliers reasons as to why Asians are better at math were really interesting. I hope I can apply some of it to educating my girls. in reply to dsackr #
  • RT @stevekmccoy: The 2nd hottest selling #iPad accessory will be –> windshield suction cup mount. #
  • Make sure ur child knows u discipline them b/c u luv them. U're not trying 2 make them in2 sum1 u'll find loveable. #
  • RT @stevekmccoy: See Previous Tweet #
  • @dsackr most ppl who are going to watch that coverage already have cable, without the games hulu NFL coverage isn't worth it IMAO. in reply to dsackr #
  • RT Associated press article on our battle with cancer…pray it moves people toward the gospel (via @MattChandler74) #
  • @nicknye Alora agrees "It is pretty awesome" in reply to nicknye #

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Through The Bible

Abraham and Isaac

This week we covered some very familiar ground if you have ever tried to read the Bible before or if have attended church on a regular basis.

Of course as I mentioned before and as some of you agreed it is difficult to read familiar texts without taking them for granted.

As I have said this year I am attempting to see Christ in the old testament more than I ever have and the story of Abraham and Isaac is one that I am trying to look at things differently.

Most of the time when I have heard this passage preached it is about the obedience of Abraham and his willingness to give up his only son (which the Bible calls his him even though there is another son).  However I also wanted to look at the willingness of Isaac.  Did he know what was going on?  He asks but was it a rhetorical question?  Sure he carried the wood for his own sacrifice just like Jesus but is he a type of Jesus because after all he wasn’t sacrificed.

I think the ram in the thicket was the best analog of Christ because it provided by God in order to save Isaac just as Christ’s sacrifice saves us.

Thank you Lord for providing your own son to save me from my sins.


//Godfidence Tweets 2010-01-24

  • Throwback Mt Dew is somewhere between regular and diet. I am not sure I like it but I could get used to it if they keep it around. #
  • Can you name a book where the movie was better? Everyone always says "The book was better" is that ever not the case? Besides LOTR. #
  • Got my ride and room confirmed for Fear the Con. Can't wait – if you are a gamer check it out – #
  • Being back in my old building is strange. In class until 4:30. #
  • I want to be a hacker #
  • One of the greatest things Jesus did was giving us the freedom to eat bacon. hmmmmmmmm bacon #
  • When did golashes become a fashion item? #
  • @urbanreform it is sacrilegious to like any remake song when the orig song was during your heyday. So for me yes. in reply to urbanreform #
  • Urgent: Please retweet and share to get as many churches mobilized to help the Church in Haiti. Slideshow — #
  • Second swim lesson for the girls. Why am I more tired than they are? #

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Through The Bible

Gettin the Job Done

Get it Job we finished Job this week?  OK I didn’t sleep much last night.

I still say I am not sure how to read Google.   I am trying to read the Bible this year with a Christ centric approach but I don’t see it in Job.  This is similar to the answers I was able to find.  But this particular site also says Noah was a type because he was the only just man in his world, which I don’t particularly believe is true:

Job, suffering the most profound grief of soul, seeing nothing but a miserable death before him and robbed of all human consolation, fell down on the ground, praying and humbly resigning himself to God’s will.  In this he is a type of our Lord in the Garden of Gethsemane –

I suppose we can look at Job this way but do we need all those chapters of people spouting off at each other back and forth?  I love the end when God shows up and I often hear His words when I begin to question God.

“Where were you when I hung the stars….”


//Godfidence Tweets 2010-01-17

  • Finally beat a game from 1990 last night, now should I even start the sequel? It may take till I am 50 to beat it. #
  • A week down reading through the Bible chronologically with my wife and we are still on point, join us? #
  • @BrandonMouser I would take your money on that. @PastorMark could totally beat @bearGrylls in any fight. in reply to BrandonMouser #
  • Sweet we are supposed to get UP to freezing tomorrow, bring on the heat wave. #
  • RT @pastorjdgreear Saying “Preach the gospel; if necessary use words” is like saying “Tell me your phone number; if necessary use digits.” #
  • If you aren't paying for it directly you don't care about the cost, and hence purchase more increasing demand and price #
  • @stevenbennett2 Have you listened to Memories of the Future Podcast? It is WIl Weaton talking through STNG epesodes and being hilarious. #
  • @wilw I haven't laughed so hard at a podcast since I found Memories of a future podcast. Thank you sir. in reply to wilw #
  • RT @joe_byler: Only 80 registration spots left for the ACT LIKE MEN conference on Feb 6th! Register today! #
  • @WeareTHATfamily My wife supports me and encourages me in all of my endevors. in reply to WeareTHATfamily #
  • Pres and congress paying off unions with our money. How is this for change? What about the 4th admendment? #

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Through The Bible

Job, how do you read that?

Last week we started the book of Job, while there are parts I greatly enjoy I often wonder how you are supposed to read it.  There are four speakers through most of the story and all of them are capable of speaking untruths so can we take anything we say as the literal word of God?  Sure we know it was recorded accurately but how do we know it wasn’t accurately recording an untruth?

I always struggle a little with that.

And of course the opening chapters also bring up great questions about the problem with evil in the world.  Is God as the sovereign of the universe ultimately responsible for the evil that befalls Job, or was it, as some teach, a result of Job’s lack of faith in God?

I don’t have a lot of insight on this but I wanted to record my thoughts.


//Godfidence Tweets 2010-01-10

  • Do you say "two thousand ten" or "Twenty ten" #
  • in case you wondered Guitar Hero Metallica is MUUUUUCH harder than other guitar hero's. My hand still hurts this morning. #
  • CRAP I forgot I wasn't going to drink caffeine and got a Mt Dew for lunch. #
  • Two days in a row the wife and I are up early and reading and praying together, I hope it lasts #
  • I have been up since 2:15. I want COFFEE!!!!!!!!! #
  • Who is John Galt? #
  • @BrandonMouser That is smokin,my work laptop takes 10-15. in reply to BrandonMouser #
  • I had to break down and have a Dew after my day yesterday. I will quit caffeine again as soon as i am done, last ones really are the best. #
  • @stevenbennett2 in reply to stevenbennett2 #
  • @stevenbennett2 I have hopes for the Nexus one, but BOL said it wasn't worth the hype already. in reply to stevenbennett2 #
  • My Pastor @nicknye interviewed for @theResurgence on loving your city. #
  • Shhhhhh I am playing hide and seek with the girls #
  • Does anyone local to columbus have a SATA drive to USB tool? I am trying to save data for a neighbor. #
  • #FF Follow my wife on her photography journey — @clickinheather #
  • Today is a old school speed metal kind of day…Metallica and Anthrax #

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Family Life Fatherhood

What a stange encounter

Heather and I had a very strange encounter last weekend.  We had decided to get my free birth day burger at a local restaurant and after asking to be moved away from the door and the negative wind chill we sat with the girls quietly waiting for our food to arrive.  It took a little longer than we though but nothing really unusual happened.

When suddenly the couple in the booth behind me got up and the gentleman turned to our table and said “I just want to commend you both on being such excellent parents.”

I was shocked, and humbled all at the same time.  I quickly thought through all that I had done with Alora since we sat down but couldn’t think of anything remarkable that would entice this man to walk up to two perfect strangers and remark on their child rearing.

We expressed our gratitude and talked about the couples three grand children before saying our good byes.  Heather and I stared at each other almost with tears in our eyes.  We try to be very deliberate in how we raise our children but never think we are doing well enough because we see all of our flaws.  But it is wonderful to hear from someone else that you are doing a good job.

Through The Bible

A New Beginning.

This is the first of what will hopefully be 52 posts as I read through the Bible Chronologically.  I hope many of you are joining me.  If it looks like a lot of people want to participate then I will set up some sort of format for us all to be able to voice our thoughts.  For now please feel free to post comments below each post.

I began this year a little early in an attempt to get ahead of the game.  I know how hard it is to get things rolling when you attempt to read the Bible plus If I am going to blog through this I wanted to have a few posts written in advance so I don’t miss a deadline.

Of course chronologically just as always we start in Genesis, it is so easy to take these scriptures for granted after becoming so familiar with them, but we must resist this temptation.

I am reading this year with a specific a specific focus on the Redemptive historical model, which means Christ is the focus of all the scriptures as he points out himself in Luke 24:27.

I don’t want to read the stories and find a morality tale in each of them but to examine how God’s plan was working out from the beginning.

As you are reading these so familiar stories try to see the larger picture of what God is doing.

How have you done in reading the Bible in the past?  What struggles have you had?


//Godfidence Tweets 2010-01-03

  • Steve Mason is my hero #
  • Alora is taking me to a movie for my Birthday. #
  • Is it your goal this year to read the BIble? Then join me #
  • The Rock is either hard up for money, or lost a bet. Go back to WWE Rock, I might start watching again. #
  • My wife finished her first video game ever last night. She is so hot 🙂 #
  • The Bible Reading Plan for Slackers and Shirkers — Check it out. #
  • Happy new year #
  • WE ARE… #

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