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Godfidence as a phrase has changed over my time of blogging my thoughts. It began as a combination of God and Confidence that stemmed from my study of the book Victory over the Darkness. This book, along with the class where I studied it, taught me that “I am a child of God.” It means a great deal to me that the God of the universe would choose me to be his son.

Godfidence then morphed into a greater understanding relating to my confidence in God as my wife and I had to walk out a very difficult change in our beliefs, you can read about it here. This was not popular with many people we with whom we shared this change; especially not to our church family. Although it went better than I had hoped we were still left with no other option but to leave as Youth Pastors and to leave the church. There is still a part of me that is saddened by the way things had to go but I have learned more and more to trust in the Lord.

So, I blog my thoughts now as I read, pray and learn.  Many of my posts are simply for me but if you enjoy them great.  God is continuing to grow me through his spirit and through the many people I have interacted with through this blog.  Thanks for reading.

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