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  • Friday Videos: Global Warming

    This one is a bit longer than normal but it is always to get the other side out since all we hear is Al Gores side.

  • Friday Vids: Tribute to Gary Gygax

    In honor of the passing of Gary Gygax I thought it was only right to have these videos here. I will warn you these videos are pg-13.

  • Friday Vids: Starwars girl

    In keeping with the Friday entertainment schedule I came upon this video and it just made me smile thinking about my own little girl. This little girl is so cute. I thought I would show this to brighten up your day.

  • The Beginning of the Gospels

    We continue through the bible by chronologically by hitting the intro of each of the Gospels.  Notice the differences between each of them.

  • The Adventure Begins…

    We are beginning our journey through the Bible this week we have decided to do it chronologically the chart we are using can be found here. We are starting on their day 75. (Thanks to Black Hawk church) If you would like to add anything to the conversation please do.

  • What does it mean to read the Bible?

    When you were in school, your English teacher would give you a text book and there would be assigned reading, practice questions, review sections, and assignments. Segments of great writings would be included in the text book, but never the entire story. Just the parts you needed to study the method of writing, the verbiage,…

  • How to Read the Bible in Six Months

      As I invite friends and family to join me in reading the Bible from cover to cover in six months, I often hear the same questions and concerns and wanted to take a moment to address those issues. I hope this benefits you in your journey to read through the scriptures with me. Why…