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  • It has been fun.

    I had been blogging here for almost 5 years. But with work and life I have many other things to do. So if you are still out there I bid you a fond fairwell. You can keep up with me on twitter @jasonrfisher

  • Update

    OK, my job is finally slowing down and I have a few minutes to write and get things up and running with //godfidence again. Next week I will be back to normal publishing schedule.  Hope you like it.

  • Assuming the Gospel

    Matt Chandler continues to be one of my heroes.  Because he is preaching in the “Evangellical capital of the world.”  He speaks to a lot of things that i see in myself. There are so many reasons why people walk away from the church and Christ but I have come to believe more than ever…

  • moralistic therapeutic deism

    Moralistic Therapeutic Deism has become a bit of a catch phrase in certain circles it comes from, Soul Searching: The Religious and Spiritual Lives of American Teenagers, a book by Christian Smith.  I read it when I was in youth ministry and it shocked me.  Most of our teens (and adults for that matter) don’t…

  • The Lord Hardended Pharoah’s Heart

    What does it mean if the Lord Hardened Pharaoh’s heart?

  • Oral Roberts 1918-2009

    Oral Roberts passed away of Pneumonia yesterday.  I don’t know much about his ministry, having come to faith much after Robert’s prime.  I do know that he had a tremendous influence in bringing his personal brand of minsitry into the mainstream for better or for worse. I pray that God would comfort those close to…

  • Desiring God on Unregenerate Children

    Ever since I have started following Desiring God and John Piper I have been continually impressed with his wisdom and humility.  If you don’t follow him you should.  @JohnPiper, desiringgod If mere external conformity to God’s commands (like don’t lie, don’t steal, don’t kill) is hypocritical and spiritually defective, then why should parents require obedience…

  • //Godfidence Tweets 2009-12-06

    I just downloaded music from Sojourn @NoiseTrade. You can download it for FREE at # Finally got my wave invites. Anyone want one? DM me. # Does anyone want to read through the Bible Chronologically this year with me and keep me accountable? Serious commitment preferred. # RT @stevenbennett2: I love the Muppets.…

  • De-Churched

    Whether we realize it or not too many of us grew us there.

  • //godfidence coming back on line

    I have been working for quite some time on my other blog ( and I had completely dropped the ball in regard to //godfidence.  It is my intention to bring it back on line and being posting again. So for the two of you that may see this I hope you will keep dropping by…