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Random Thoughts

  • I saw a report of about the new “Worlds fastest Man” a title given to the man who holds the world record in the 100M dash.  The link said, click here to see highlights of his record breaking run.  How does one edit down highlights of a 9.74 second race?
  • Walking down the hall at work I am accosted by signs with factoids about the work being done by the United Way.  Now I don’t give to them due to some moral disagreements but the issues they discuss are volunteer groups keeping streets safe, calls to food banks, kindergarten kids in trouble, and I can’t help but think that if the church was doing its job these things wouldn’t be necessary.
  • The more I think about the quote “It is easy to sound prophetic from the margins but what we need is people who are prophetic from the center” the more I truly believe it.  It quote was from John Piper talking about the loss of the Gospel as the central theme of sermons in America.
  • I found out that “LOST” isn’t coming back until May but it will run straight instead of that crappy 8 week break.  And that it will only be going for 6 seasons, it is good to know that there will be some finality.
  • It is simply amazing how much paperwork you have to do in corporate America.  When the paper work takes more time than the actual work you are doing the paperwork for something is wrong.
  • “The Big Bang Theory” is probably the best new show I have seen recently, it seems that since I became a father I don’t want to watch Law and Order CSI or any of those more serious drama shows, and most comedies haven’t struck a chord with me but this show is great.  It will probably hit with the same crowd that watched “Frasier” because many of the jokes are based on intellectual and geek issues, if you get a chance check it out, if you really get a chance DVR it and pause it on the producers “vanity card”.
  • Sorry I have been out of blogging for a minute, our family has had a great deal of drama over the last week.  Heather’s purse was stolen our of our van at Blockbuster but a few days later the dufas threw out her wallet but missed the dumpster and it was found by the apartment manager so we got everything back but our cash and debit card which we had already canceled.  Ironically, most of the cash that was still in her wallet was our charity money so we decided God wanted us to give to this guy money so we are just thankful to have all of her other stuff back.
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House Church Update

For those who are interested in how things are going with our house church I have decided to update you here hopefully every Monday.

This past week we were asked to move our ‘service’ to the evening as two of our group had a company picinic to attend, and since we could we did.  I thought it was a great advantage to our type of fellowship we can change it to suit all of us when we need to.

I had been thinking thinking that up to this point we had simply been having a traditional church in my house and so I made a greater attempt to stir conversation and I think it worked, I am not sure if it was because there was only five of us in attendance or if it was because I didn’t lecture but I thought last nights meeting was one of the best we had.

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Why I am attracted to the idea of a house church?

If you have known me for any length of time you may already know this but I didn’t grow up going to a church.  It was never part of my life and so it isn’t habitual for me to get up and go to a building which may be one reason that the change is easier for me but as to why I was attracted to it in the first place I had to think about that for a while and I think I have come up with some reasons.           

Christianity Church Family Life

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Leave the (Traditional) Church

For the five of you who have been following my blog for any period of time you know I have some trouble with church related issues for some time now.  It began when my views on the tithe changed which not only eliminated the possibility of me being a traditional church pastor but eventually seemed to eliminate me from membership and ministry from most of the traditional churches I visited in an attempt to fit into the mold.  For some time I have been fighting what I felt God was pushing me towards but recently with some help I have learned to stop worrying and leave the church.