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I am not a huge hockey fan but I love going to see the Jackets. This is being called “The Goal of the Year” by ESPN

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Video Friday: Ron Paul Immigration

I am a huge fan of Ron Paul and would love him to be elected as our president, unfortunately the masses won’t vote for him because he would end to many hand outs. But I think most people would agree with him if they knew more about him so I am doing my part.


Video Friday: Jeff Dunham

Here is the first of my “Video Friday” Posts. This year I am looking to post videos every Friday, some will be funny, some will be more serious but this is the first. This is Jeff Dunham one of my favorite Comedians, he actually inspired me to buy a dummy of my own, not that I did anything with it. This is an older video so he is much more polished now, but the end is still very impressive. Check him out at