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My name is Jason and I am an Arrogant SOB.

Recently, God has been showing me more and more how all of my issues relate in some way shape or form to the sin of pride. Even to the point that I was proud of the fact I had finally realized my struggle, not that is irony.

I hesitate to write about this for the fear of being prideful in the process but I hope that my struggle can help someone else and in confessing these things help me as well. There is an awful lot of ‘self help’ books in the Christian books store but what I need is a book called ‘Don’t Be Such an Arrogant Prideful Jerk’ I haven’t found it so far.

Anyway this article was extremely good and I know often people don’t read the articles I post but please read this one…Dale. ๐Ÿ™‚

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