I thought I knew God…

As I move through life I slowly discover that I don’t know as much as I though I did.  Today was one of those moments

I thought I new a lot about God before I was a father.  But like many things in life the older I get the more I realize I didnt know crap about crap if you will forgive the expression.  This morning my daughter, Alora, had to have tubes in put into her ears, a very common surgery to prevent her from having more than her current seven ear infections in six months.
            We woke her early this morning to be at the surgeons office at 6:30, she was amazingly cheerful, her normal disposition.  We left our daughter with the nurses while I ran next door to grab us breakfast.  The surgery was done by the time I got back but when we went back to see Alora we could hear her first.  They had warned us she may be inconsolable but nothing really prepares you for that experience.  As I sat there holding my crying daughter, wishing there was a way I would take her pain upon myself, I began to understand more the heart of God our Father.  After being a Christian for some time the idea of Jesus sacrifice is in danger of becoming cliché.  I have only one time in my life come close to understanding why God would go through the agony he endured, that was the night my daughter was born.
            I would have done anything to take the pain my daughter was enduring on myself.  I would have taken her pain, or anything else needed if it would have made her stop her inconsolable weeping.  It was breaking my heart to see her in pain but I could only imagine this was a small piece of what God felt as he looked upon the earth and saw us all, he was willing to do anything to save us all from our eternal pain. 
            I thought I new God until I was a father then I realized I didnt know anything.

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