Changing directions

So I am reading this book “The Charismatic Century” (Than you Mr. Harvey) about the history or the Pentecostal or Charismatic church, which is all relatively new to me.  It is very interesting to find out where your culture comes from and the struggles of the people that have come before you.  The one thing that has bound all pentecostals together, despite all of their other differences and disagreements, is a strong belief in the power of the Holy Spirit to act in the life of a believer.

I suppose I need to ask myself in this situation, where has that belief gone in my own life?  I still believe in the power of God’s spirit in theory but I don’t live with a consistent expectation of his power in my life.  Maybe it is one of those fluxations people go through in life.  You don’t even realize you are going a certain direction until you are a good deal off your intended direction.  Well, after a good deal of time in prayer I am changing my direction.

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