Spiritual Conference Call…

     It is really strange how God has to get a hold of you sometimes.  Last Sunday night after our, soon to be, regular poker game, my wife began to tell me about some of the conversations she and the ladies had while the men were playing.  She and Mel (One of our pastor’s wives) were talking about Wildlife (the youth ministry) and the direction things had been going.  Mel made the point that I needed to do what I do best and not to try to emulate some of the other styles I had been trying.  I didn’t even realize I was doing that but in retrospect I guess I was. 

     If my wife had said this to me I may have been able to shrug it off, and apparently I wasn’t hearing God say it myself so I had to have it this way.  I am glad for people who care enough about you to say what you need to hear and not always what you want to hear.  This past Sunday I was able to really be myself again and although I hadn’t realized that I wasn’t being me before, I could certainly see it now, and it feels so right to be back.  The great thing is I am not the only one who noticed the difference.  Several of my students and leaders made comments to the effect.  I am so glad for a God who doesn’t give up when you get out of line. 


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