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I am 52 chapters behind, and that number was 81 chapters three days ago.  I am part of a group, a small group though it may be, that reads the entire bible twice per year.  That is “cover to cover” in six months, 6.5 chapters a day.  I hadn’t read in a while and so when I looked at my reading plan, and my spreadsheet (yes I am a geek) it tells me I am a failing in my plan.  I am a minister, I am leading the group that does this and I am failing, however I will persevere.

I read the bible not because I am supposed to, or because I like to brag.  I read it so I can hammer people in arguments, no just kidding.  I read it because I love it.  I am reading something that has been read by prince and pauper alike for the last two thousand years, struggled with it, wrestled with it and surrendered to it.  And now I write the next chapter of Christians who come in our story and stumble after Jesus.

The bible and I have an interesting history.  When I decided to become a Christian I didn’t know anything about Christianity to speak of.  I had a bible because I had been going to Campus life for a while and I wanted to have one, so my mom bought me a student bible and I toted it with me.  When I decided to truly follow after Christ I told God I would follow what the bible says because I have heard so much arguing between Christians that I didn’t want to be involved in, so I would just read and believe the bible.  If only it was that easy.

I used to think it was a type of magic answer book, but it is a story, more accurately THE story, and my story.  It is the story of our God and his people for better or for worse.  It is the book that ties me to my God, and allows me to know my family history and thereby giving me a little glimpse into our future.  That is why I read it, because it defines me, rebukes me, reminds me, guides me, loves me, and kills me.

So, I may be 52 chapters behind heading into 1 Kings which is somewhat slow for me but I will read it because I want to know my God.

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