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OK, so this is the last of my political rants for today.  I can’t stand people who will vote against their principles because in one particular issue they like the results.  In this case I am talking about the smoking ban in Ohio.  Many of the same people who were upset about the Kelo V New London decision that weakened private property rights of home owners have no problem with destroying the private property rights on business owners because they don’t like smoke.  It seems to me that it really boils down to not having the strength of your convictions or the stones to do the work needed to force businesses to supply for your demand, a smoke free establishment.
            Ok here is what I mean, if I don’t want to have to deal with smoke I will go to restaurants that don’t have smoking sections, not because they were forced to but because it was a smart business decision.  Applebee’s in our area banned smoking as a private business decision, Ruby Tuesday right across the street did not.  Now if I want to work within a capitalist society I will simply not go to Ruby Tuesday.  They will have a choice taking the loss, or banning smoking on their own.  But tyranny by the majority is still tyranny and many business and people are now being forced to obey the will of the masses that do not even patronize their establishments.  These types of issues should be left out of the governments hands in the people should be allowed to vote with their wallets.  Then everyone can have what they want, unless of course what you really want is a nanny state that will protect you from your own spinelessness.

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  1. I understand your point and do not wish to debate you so I will show no oposition of diffence in view (for I know you are unwaivering in most political desicions, even those of which I have an unsure stance). It is a good point and now I much wiegh it against many other thoughts in my brain.

  2. But if big brother doesn’t stop the big mean ol’ smoking people, who will protect me?

    I just want to be able to sit in your car or come into your home without smelling your smoke – is that too much to ask?

    First the restraunts, then the bar, we’re coming after your car next because in heavy traffic I can smell your second hand smoke in my car.

    Lastly, your house – I mean thing about it – if you smoke in your house, it lowers the resale value and that in turn lowers the resale value of my house — I would say just smoke outside, but then I might smell it when I’m in my backyard, so we should just shoot smokers on site…

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