It just ain’t so…

Something is getting under my skin lately and I just have to vent on it, if you mind, don’t read on…

There is no direct correlation between God’s endorsement and the appearance and worldly success like growing numbers.  I have heard so many people say things like “Things are really going well there, God must be really working there.”  Such things are just not necessarily true.  A youth pastor years ago gave me the best secret to growing a great youth ministry and I shall reveal it to you now…give away pot.  That is right if you want to draw a crowd you can give away pot and it will work, but it does not mean that God is behind your growth.

We can not say just because something works that it is God, it could very well be the opposite.  We see all through Fox’s Book of Martyrs that things do not always go “well” when you are doing God’s will.  Persecution can come with being a Christian.  There are all kinds of churches that are growing in ungodly ways so please before you place God’s endorsement on something just because it is successful remember, Jenna Jameson* makes a lot of money and claims to be a devout Catholic but I don’t know that her line of work is endorsed by God.

*If you don’t know who she is please DO NOT Google her.

One response to “It just ain’t so…”

  1. Don’t google her? Why not? :o)

    I agree that numeric growth does not automatically indicate God’s endoursement. But doesn’t a lack of growth indicate an issue? I mean if God is in it, won’t there be increase?

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