Welcome to the new Year…

I was out of town all last week and wasn’t able to post anything here at //Godfidence.org, but one of my goals for the new year is to post at least on every Monday and Friday, Wednesday being a bonus. I also hope to use this as more of a true blog, meaning I will be posting things that are more personal as it pertains to Christianity and my life. I hope that my thoughts and things I am going through may be able to help others.

I am starting this year with the goal, (I don’t make resolutions) to read the Bible. I have done it at least once for the last four years, and twice a year a couple of times. I do it with a group of people which makes it easier. If you would like to join us you will need a myspace account to interact but you can find us at I hope we can help each other learn to cherish God’s word again.

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