I don’t need God, right?

Do I need God everyday?

At our small group this question came up: In what way does our culture hinder you in your relationship with God? I knew my answer but I was afraid to utter it, it isn’t good. My culture and my life hinder me because I don’t need God in my everyday life. Blasphemy you say? Maybe but I have a great job, a great marriage and I live in the most prosperous nation in the world. Day to day I don’t realize my need for God. Someone said on a mission trip to Russia some one said to her “I don’t know who you Americans do it with so many things to distract you.” While we are feeling pity for them because they have so little they are returning the favor because we have too much. I feel this pain; I am guilty of praying mostly in crisis because these times focus my attention on my Savior. I have even prayed that God keep me in trials for this reason, it seems to be the only time I pay enough attention to my God. I do not look to him for my daily bread; I have food in my cupboards. I do not seek him for new revelation because I have the internet, I am all set. And then she enters
I am a pretty laid back person; I get a long with everyone except her. Everyone has one and she is mine, my thorn in the flesh. Every email sounds nasty, every phone call sounds like a dentist drill. I get done with my interaction with her and I rant to my co-workers, some witness I am. I discover yet again my need for God to push me through the distractions and the crazy idea I am good enough. God help me be Christ like with people who annoy me.

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