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Andrew Kenney

Sorry for the delays in my posts but it has been a long rough week end, Heather and I had to travel to Winchester VA for the funeral of her 23 year old cousin, Andrew.  Andrew was a great young man; he was hard working dedicated and a man of great character.  He busted his butt to get what he wanted and never complained about having to work.  All through his three months of suffering with a cancer that surrounded his spine and lungs he never complained or lost hope.  He is a man of faith and now I am sure he is bass fishing to the glory of God in heaven.  His memory inspires me to be a greater man and like his father always said “Hope to be like him when I grow up”

There were people waiting in line at his viewing from 4-8 when the funeral home cut things off and people had still not all gotten in at 9:00.  His funeral held over one thousand people all touched in some way or another by his life, it was a great testament to a life lived for God.  I ask everyone who may read this to pray for the family as they come to grips with their lives.

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