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Things have reversed…

Heather and I have decided to change some of the way we live, we have decided to eat less processed foods and junk and move toward a healthier more organic diet.  As we were shopping at Whole Foods, our local organic market I thought about something I have thought about a few times before and that is how things are changing.      It used to be that if you were over weight it was because you were rich and could afford to eat well, while the poor and middle classes were lucky to have enough to eat.  Being fat was a status symbol of sorts, but today it is the opposite, food has gotten so cheap but of such poor quality that it is the rich who can afford to eat well and the middle class is getting heavier and heavier because they eat poor quality food.  Sure there is a number of people who are actually starving but I believe, although tragic in a country with our prosperity, that it is a small number in comparison.

By this time next year I hope to be growing a large amount of food in our own biointensive garden so we can afford to eat better and we will know what has gone into it.

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You should consider studying either The Maker’s Diet or The Great Physician’s Prescription both by Jordan Rubin. He looks at eating and nutrition from a more Biblical perspective, and he does advocate organic foods whenever available.

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