Reading through the Bible

Reading through the entire Bible

biblejpg.jpg Every year I try to read through the entire Bible, and with the help of some friends I have done it successfully for a few years now. I have been asked many times why I do it but it really comes back to the fact that I believe the Bible, all of it, to be the inspired word of God.

I have become a proponent of through the Bible expository preaching, which simply means reading through the Bible and expounding on the verses you read. I found one church in my town that does it and that is their claim to fame but alas they took a dogmatic stance on a few other things that we had to disagree on.

But if one reads through the entire Bible cover to cover it forces one to read difficult passages, not just those lists of names in numbers, but verses that may seem to disagree with you and your position on a certain topic. I think, from my own experience and from talking to others, we tend to cherry pick what we read. We stay in the familiar waters of the Gospels and maybe the epistles, but few ever venture into the shark infested waters of the Revelation. We may read Genesis or a few stories from Kings but how often do we read the prophets or other book of the Old Testament. Maybe it is because we are scared, because we don’t even know how to read them but that is all the more reason to dive in find an instructor and learn.

We need to take God and his Word for how he is, and not how we want him to be.

If you want to read through the Bible and want some help or accountability check out it is full of helpful tools and people just like you who want to read God’s word.

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