Harry Potter, the NYT and Treason

So the New York Times reviews Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.  The nature of this review upsets J.K Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter series.  The NYT apologizes for perhaps having spoiled the books for all of the fans.

Where is the apology for releasing top secret information about the war on terror?  I am a pretty big Potter head but I am still waiting for the apology from the times for aiding our enemies in the war and perhaps putting more of our troops in danger.

Does the NYT really believe that then end of Deathly Hallows deserves more respect than top secret information?  But I guess J.K Rowling has more of a spine than our President because at least she took it to the times instead of just sitting back and letting it happen.


One response to “Harry Potter, the NYT and Treason”

  1. JK Rowlings won’t have to face the consquences of demanding a newspaper sensor the content of their rag. The prez faces 1st amendment issues, even if the information was top secret. The Times are obligated by law to keep secrets of the US government and as such, they aren’t *supposed* to have access to government secrets.

    Now finding who leaked top secret information to the Times and prosecuting them to the full exent of the law – that’s something the Prez should be doing.

    BTW – sorry for not being up on my current events – what did the Times print that was top secret???

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