Just a little Birdie…

I was sitting in my dentist’s office and just outside the window there was a bird feeder tree. (Five different kinds of bird feeders all hanging from one stand) and most of the birds were looking around on the ground for seed that has dropped.  One or two birds would fly up to the feeder and kick some off or even tip it enough that it would spill down for the little birds to pick up off of the ground, and I couldn’t help but wonder why they didn’t all fly up to one of the many feeders where there was a mass of food just waiting for them.

And of course I instantly began to think of what this relates to, and I couldn’t help but think that when it comes to God most of humanity is just happy as can be picking up the seeds that fall from other people.  It began back with Moses when the people refused to go up to the mountain to see God themselves but wanted Moses to bring back God’s word to them.  Then of course in the Law we were given a division between the Priests and everyone else so the people could no longer have direct relationship with God they had to go through an earthly mediator.  But alas things don’t seem to have changed much; studies tell us that fewer than 30% of all self-proclaimed Christians read the Bible for themselves.

Despite the fact that Jesus died and rent the curtain that divided the people from God, and the fact that he is our only mediator to God most of us are still far to comfortable putting another person in between us and God.

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