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5 Years and Counting

5 Years and Counting

This past weekend Heather and I celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary, I surprised Heather with a trip to Snowshoe West Virginia. As always with these little off the map adventures it is something we can hopefully laugh at later.

We started the weekend with by dropping Alora off with her Grand parents in WV then we headed down to our luxurious cabin get away. We arrived and we and got directions to the cabin and all I can say was I was terribly glad we borrowed Grandpa’s truck for the trip (so we wouldn’t have to move the baby seat) It was definitely an off road adventure, we passed a sign that said 4-wheel drive or chains recommended. I assume that is for ski season when this place is crowded but still it was steep and our van would have been begging for mercy.

When we arrived it was raining pretty hard, we had grabbed a few snacks for later but didn’t have any thing for dinner so we took off in the rain and after 10 minutes found out way back to the paved road. The only place we really found to eat was up at the ‘village’ of Snowshoe on the top of the mountain. We took off in the rain from the car to the first restaurant we could find. I had brought an umbrella and luckily there was one in the truck, which was promptly tore apart by the wind so we had to scramble under one.

We decided on the duck appetizers, which were something like egg rolls but much better, and a BBQ plate for two full of ribs, chicken and pulled pork which was great.

However when we got back to our cabin we started to notice that is was a pet friendly cabin by the copious amounts of animal hair we found. When we finally got the furnace to work it spit out hairballs the size of hamsters. Our allergies were killing us all knight. In the morning we went to check out early and were provided a new cabin, since the sun was now shining we decided to stay and turn our weekend around. We took a train ride to a mountain top picnic, where we froze out butts off and finally a trip the National Radio Observatory where we saw Jupiter and four of her moons. It turned out to be a fun weekend.

I look forward to the next five years…

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