Government is not the answer… it is the problem

Hillary has revealed her 2.0 plan for health care for our country along with every other democrat running for president.  When will people realize that government is NOT the answer to our problems but is the problem.  Every time the government tries to make things more affordable they get more expensive.  Look at college tuition, as more and more people have been able to get grants and government loans, the cost of education has been rising faster than inflation and in many cases the quality has gone down.

If the government gives heath care to everyone, it will increase demand for the product and that will increase the cost of the product making it more expensive for everyone.  But, who cares about the real results as long as you can buy votes from people who are on the take.

By the way I find it truly hypocritical that John Edwards is pushing the same kinds of issues when he is almost single handedly responsible for pushing OB-GYN’s out of his state.  As an ambulance chaser he pushed up the cost of having a baby without improving anything but his own bottom line.

I am really tempted to vote for Hillary just to hurry up the collapse of this entitlement system we have created, then maybe we can get back to actually being productive.

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