30 days of crap

I have rarely walked out of a movie and been so upset with myself, in fact I would say that this is the most angry I have ever been after watching a movie, and I have seen “Powder”, “Dungeons and Dragons”, and “Dracula 2000” “30 Days of Night” was by far the worst movie I have ever seen. I wasn’t very thrilled about seeing it to begin with but I was out voted by some friends who wanted to see it.

Let me help you understand where I am coming from, I have always enjoyed vampire mythology. I played Dracula in a play when I was 11 or so and I loved it from there.

I have read and seen the original Bram Stoker’s Dracula several times, I loved the story of the Masquerade and Underworld ranks up as one of my favorites, but if you have seen the trailer to 30 Days of Night, you have seen the only interesting parts of the movie. There was no plot other than what you see in the trailer, no exposition on the characters or explanation as to the reasons behind it. The Vampires are little more than ferrel beasts and the movie is nothing more than a slasher film.

Jason’s plot summary:
What happened in town? What happened to Gus? Who would do such a thing? What are they? Slaughter, slaughter, slaughter, bloodbath, bloodbath, bloodbath. Hiding, Slaughter, hiding slaughter, hiding. I must sacrifice myself, one vamp down all the rest leave, good guys win the end.

By the way this is only in the Entertainment category because I had nothing else close to put it in, but as you could guess I would not call this entertainment.

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  1. I spent the rest of last night laughing to myself trying to find some redeeming quality about the movie. I found none! 🙂 hahahah! I tried really hard. I guess it was advertised as a monster-movie, but it was really more of a exploitation, shock-gorefest. Not my cup of plasma either. By the way, I must disagree with you. This was not the worst movie ever. Battlefield Earth still has that title, my friend.

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