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Hidden in My Heart

I have decided to challenge myself to memorize God’s word, not in verses and words but an entire book of the Bible. I don’t do well trying to remember the ‘addresses’ of verses when I have memorized them in the past and I believe it better to know the entire context of what you are quoting to get the point.

I have decided to do this for several reasons, one to force myself to meditate on and understand the Word of God. Second to fulfill that which is written in Ps 119:11 “I have hidden your word in my heart
that I might not sin against you.”

I thought about memorizing Galatians because it a book that I like and it is only 6 chapters, but have decided instead to work for Jude, it is only a page and a half.

I am writing this on Monday and it will post of Friday hopefully I will have made some progress by that time.

Has anyone else ever done this and do you have any tips?

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Memorizing entire books is a practice that I know Jack Van Impe and Marilyn Hickey have both undertaken. I don’t know of any resources to make the memorization process easier, other than – start with a small book! 🙂

Memorization is a different process for each individual. The first question to answer is whether you are an audio, visual, or kinetic learner. Then the technique comes down to embracing the way God has hardwired your learning and exposing yourself to increasing amounts of the desired passage in that medium. For example, a visual learner would look at the passage daily, whereas an audio learner would have much more success with a recording played daily. The key is consistency and building on small portions. You may find that you need a combination of techniques. An audio/kinetic learner may need to hear the passage while drawing or otherwise using manipulative materials to allow the true meaning of what is being memorized to pass from the short to long term memory.

Hope this helps!

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