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More on Willow Creek’s findings

If you don’t know what those findings are please check out my previous post.

One thing that was covered in Willow Creeks Key findings page was that the people whose lives are most centered on Christ are those who are most dissatisfied with the church as a whole. I can’t help but hear this echo within my own experiences.

I actually started my walk with Christ in something that would have been considered a house church or organic church it was me and the guy who discipled me and his family. I was over at their house ever weekend learning about God. As I have grown in my life in Christ and have moved to more and more center my life around God I have myself become more dissatisfied with church in general. I felt that church was simply a social outlet for me because in many cases the Sunday morning service, which is the center of church life, was less than exciting for me. I am not a huge fan of ‘worship’, for one most of the current trend in music is what Mark Driscoll calls “Jesus is my boyfriend” music, it lacks the depth of some of the foregone hymns, and sounds like something you would hear on prom night. The sermon which is the other typical focus of Sunday morning, in my opinion, is often preached to the lowest common denominator in churches which makes it all but boring to me.

I know I am not the only person who feels this way, as I have heard more than one person describe their dissatisfaction with what is going on, but normally their social connections or responsibilities to a particular ministry within the church. (They need me in the nursery) But as with me I think there will more and more come a time when people will not sacrifice what it means to be a Christian and live in real community as followers of “The Way”.

Perhaps this is another reason why the house church movement is growing more and more in the US as people are becoming more dissatisfied with ‘church’ today.

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