I Am Out of Focus…

I have often said that at times “Christians know how to be friendly, but know little about being friends,” and I believe this to be true especially in my own life.  I believe I have found the answer to why, and it is a matter of focus.

Jesus Christ and His Gospel is meant to be the tie that binds us all together as a family, no the family of God.  But all too often in this age of distraction we are focused on all of the wrong things.  Shouldn’t seeking to know God better be our number one concern?  Yet we talk about the struggle of being able to make a few moments for the God of all creation.  We have our jobs, our kids, our families, our friends, our TV shows, our games, our books and a myriad of other little items that complicate our lives to the point that can no longer see that which we are meant to focus on.
I have been looking at this particularly in regard to our house church, (the following is simply one mans opinion) although I am greatly enjoying it I sometimes feel that we do not even focus on Jesus enough in our gatherings, it is probably simply because we don’t do it as individuals.  If I am not focused on Christ in my own life then how can our relationship be centered on Christ and what he has done?
I look at it like God is the power strip that we all plug into, but if we are not plugged into him then we are not connected to each other in any real sense, we can act as if we are; we can spout pleasantries and ask “How are you?” all the while praying they don’t really tell you because you don’t really care.  But if we begin to focus on Christ and really strive to have his heart for our brothers and sisters and for this world everything else should fall into place.  Shouldn’t it?

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