• I am tired of trying to explain it to people. If you don’t have sweet tea telling me “You can add sugar to it” only exposes your ignorance to the fact that there are two types of cold tea in the world: Sweetea (yes it is one word) and tea that isn’t done yet.
  • It is just something I am looking into but some experts are predicting that the production of energy or lack thereof will cause our great centralized system to revert to a more decentralized version. I.E. it won’t do us much good to have huge corporations running everything if it is to expensive to build the big building, move the product all across the country, and across the ocean for that matter. So, there will probably be a move to smaller more localized economies, could this include churches as well? I have read that it can take up to 250,000 to plant a church in a traditional way, our house church was planted with only the money Heather and I would have given anyway.

Is it possible that the ‘Revolution’ Barna speaks of in his book and the growing house church movement in the world is God’s way of preparing his church for this type of thing?

  • Is it to late to pick up something like drumming? I started to play around when I could go to the church and fool around on a set but I don’t have a place to practice now. But I would really love to play around again.
  • Why are all the restaurants I go to freezing cold? I could understand that they don’t want people there for hours but really I just want to eat without shivering. Maybe it is because I eat at unusual times when there are not a lot of people so maybe there isn’t enough heat being generated to counter the AC I don’t know but I am cold.
  • While trying to decide how to keep my life focused on God I immediately thought of ‘spiritual disciplines’, prayer, fasting, and some others, but then my immediate thought was how to keep these things from becoming empty religious exercises that God seems to have so little love for.

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  1. OK – I can live with the ‘cold’ qualifier, however don’t use sweetea as one word then stay grammatically correct with the second type of tea — for those that have never heard it as said by me –

    There are two types of tea in the world: sweetea, and tea that aint done yet!


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