Redeeming Time

Many of us have time that is wasted, like the drive to work sitting and waiting for something. I have done my best to redeem this time by always having a book with me to read (while waiting not driving) and now I have really grabbed onto the idea of podcasts to help me out. I listed to several on a regular basis, while I work, while I drive, before I sleep, while I do chores around the house.

If you don’t know what a podcast is you can read about it here on Wikipedia. But the short of it is a Podcast is a series of audio files that you can subscribe with the right software, which will be automatically loaded to you listening device ie iPod. Heather and I got an iPod video for our family for Christmas last year and I think it is the best investment we have ever made. Here are a list of good podcasts I have found maybe you will find them helpful as well:

  • — is a Missional Theology Cooperative. This podcast is funded and lead by Mars Hill Seattle, if you are interested in theology or Christianity then this is a great place to visit and an essential podcast to have.
  • — Mars Hill is a great church in Seattle it is cutting edge without compromising the gospel of Jesus Christ. Their teaching Pastor is a little rough around the edges (many people find him offensive) but he is a great teacher.
  • — This is the bible in a year every day on your iPod. What else do I need to say?
  • — This one is strictly for gamers but if you are a gamer you have to hear this.
  • Podiobooks — While not a single podcast this site supports authors in their effort to get their work out, you can download serialized books a chapter at a time or all at once if the book is finished. I have found some to good and some to be bad.
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