Reading The Bible

I have talked about it a little but this is the official post and invitation.  I would like everyone I know to read the Bible with me this year.  I am slowing down to three chapters a day so I can absorb more and take some time for study.  I have added a page (you can see it at the top “Bible Schedule 2008” and you can just come here click on that link find the date, click on the passages, and will give you the passage you need to read, in the Contemporary English Version of the bible, which I find very readable and easy to understand.  I am going to change my posting schedule again in the new year and will be posting regularly about what I am reading.  I would like to have those of you following along let me know by commenting here and on the following post about what we are reading.  It isn’t hard only takes a second and will encourage me in the process.  I will also be posting updates on so you can not only follow me but others who are taking up the challenge.  If you blog yourself you can join us and post here or at  Just ask me how 🙂

Some time ago I  was challenged on what I really believe and I decided that  “I don’t really believe the Bible is the Word of God” which challenged me to act as if I really believed that is was the Word of God.  Which means I am going to read it like my life depends on it.

So, who is with us?


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