Merry Christmas (Spoilers Enclosed)

Heather and I have been thinking and talking a lot about how we will be handling Christmas in our house.  We both grew up hearing and knowing about Santa Clause and my family didn’t focus much on the Christian nature but Heather’s focused a little more about on it.  Alora will probably be hearing about Santa a little this year but not from us, just from TV and other family members. 

I believe we have decided to just not talk about Santa, I know I was terribly upset when I discovered that Santa wasn’t real.  I felt lied to, cheated and betrayed; was I being dramatic?  Maybe but that is how I felt and I don’t know that I have ever gotten over it.  I don’t like Santa, the deChristing, or the commercialization of Christmas.  This is odd considering I work with the marketing department of a giant retailer.  So this year, we will get a birthday cake for Jesus on Christmas Eve, and I will read the Christmas story to Alora before she goes to bed.  We hope to continue this tradition to maintain our focus on Christ though the holiday season. 

I suppose my point is this; I will not hold gifts over my children’s head to motivate their behavior because God didn’t withhold his greatest gift from us based on our behavior.  The Bible tells us that God showed his love for us in that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us.  My children don’t get gifts because they are ‘good’ but because we celebrate the gift of God’s Son and we do so by giving to one another. 

Let us not forget that Christmas is about Christ, not about gifts.  I would rather spend good time with my family than get a lot of gifts while we watch TV. 

Merry Christmas to all


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  1. abcnews.go.comHere is one man’s interesting approach to the issue:

    I’m not about to go that far – but I think I would take it a step further than you do – I would rather not exchange presents on Christmas at all. Stephanie won’t allow me to do that (“its for the children” she protests) – but exchanging stuff at Christmas doesn’t resemble the gift God gave us with His Son.

    One year my extended family had a name drawing to reduce the amount of people to buy for – each person got one name and the dollar limit was set at a max of $40 – the result… I gave a $40 gift card – and I got one in return.

    Jesus gave Himself to those that had nothing to give in return – we exchange gifts with those that feel obligated to give equal dollar amounted gifts in return. I don’t care that the world does this – I won’t nail Santa to a cross in protest – but I think it shamefully that Christians try to put a Christian spin on the worlds ways.

  2. Christine had a very interesting way of handling the whole issue with Matthew. You may want to talk to her about it.

  3. I am with you Dale but at the same time I consider what kind of witness this is to those in my family that don’t know Jesus. I am not sure how it would work…

    Send your wife here or tell us about it.

  4. It’s a religious holiday – Not doing what the world is doing cannot be considered a poor witness – and even if it does take on criticism from your non-saved loved ones, should that cause you to participate if you feel it teaches your children incorrect values?

    I don’t mean to sound condemning – as I stated before, my wife would be extremely upset with me if I were to not have presents for our kids on Christmas – so to condemn you for it would be hypocritical.

  5. The argument could be made, however, that giving gifts to your children, who can give nothing, substantial back to you can represent God’s gift to humanity.

    Gift giving is not strictly a tradition of the world so taking that hard line may very well just make you look like wing nut. The question is how do we conform with our own beliefs and be good witnesses to Christ.

    We had a birthday cake for Jesus which drew some attention from the family and helped us put it in Alora’s head that this day is about Jesus. I guess we will have to work in it for years to come.

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