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My Journey II

This is a continuation from “My Journey I” So you may want to start there.

Campus life also had three large events each year, events where we would take over a hotel and their conference rooms. These were probably the best times I had because I got to hang out with a lot of other young people and have a great time while at the same time hearing more about Christ and his gospel. I must have answered a dozen altar calls during this time all with a little more affect than the last, and it was at Campus life summer camp where I met Don Nonnenman, whose story can also be found here.

Don invited me into his home, bought me my first Bible helped me to understand it, gave me books and tapes which I devoured like a starving man and over all helped me to really follow Christ as a disciple. He may have also helped to push me to a more fringe faction of the church but I owe him my gratitude for his help in my life.

When I finally decided to give God 100% of my life it changed a lot of things. I was heading for a career in landscape architecture or perhaps a life as a professional entertainer, but I really felt a call on my life when I became a Christian. I was now headed to a life in youth ministry. I decided on World Harvest Bible College because the intensity and passion of Pastor Rod Parsley. I knew very little about him or the school before I arrived and if I had known some things I may not have gone. I turned down a scholarship because Grove City College had a curfew for crying out loud. I spent the next two years being schooled in the ways of charismania. I used to be hard on the educational aspects of the school but having attended two other colleges since then I have decided it is simply the nature of the educational beast.

At World Harvest Church, I started my work in the youth ministry on the drama team under Pastor Joey Perea. He taught all of the students that worked with him a great deal about what it meant to invest in the lives of students, and my entire life of ministry was probably based on the models that he taught.

It was also during this time that Heather and I were married and began our new life together. I spent almost seven years at World Harvest Church but I began to feel that the personality of the church wasn’t really suited for me and I was no longer growing spiritually, I loved the people that I had connected with but I really began to feel God was pulling me in another direction. I began to pray for direction and even visited a few churches in Columbus but I just ended up staying at WHC and working in the youth ministry, working within many of our ministry teams.

It would take many more pages to tell you all about the different people I met and how they changed me at WHC. Perhaps I will do that someday but not here.

Although I was first introduced to Christianity in the charismatic world I was only comfortable there for a little time, I saw so many things that were problems to me and a great deal of things that I disagree with.

It wasn’t until I was out at a guy’s night that I found my new church home. A guy I knew from when he was a teen in X-Change told me he was going to Faith Chapel and after I talked to Heather we both felt good about attending our first service. After that service we knew we had found our new home.

We spent the next two and a half years ministering to the kids of Wildlife Youth Ministry and getting to know some great people. I grew a lot in my time there, from all of the men of that church. I was introduced to a lot of thoughts outside of my comfort zone by Simon the youth pastor of Faith Chapel before I took over. This was good because I had hitherto avoided and eliminated any kind of cognitive dissonance in my life. This means, simply, that I avoided any thought or people that disagreed with my way of thinking. He and I were able to have a great deal of conversations where we disagreed and learned from one another. It was there I began my study of “Why Men Hate Going To Church” and made “The discovery that Changed My Life.” It was this more than anything that pushed me out of VCC although it worked out well it wasn’t the best situation and I was very sad to move on.

This catches us up to where this blog begins, I have spent a great deal of time aquainting myself with more traditional reformed theology. Although I have found many things I agree with and can breathe a sight of relief as I realize I am not the only one, I do not agree with everything in any particular branch of Christianity, I probably never will but I am enjoying the ride and now more than ever I am enjoying my life with Christ.

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