Book Review: The Immortals — Tracy Hickman

ImmortalsI read this book for several reasons; first Tracy Hickman is one of my favorite fantasy authors, secondly it was available on for free.

It is a near future story that tells of American intern camps for people suffering from an AIDS like disease. I think it was a bit to overbearing in its attempts to strong arm the reader into following the authors beliefs. Perhaps it was written for a different time, the author says he wanted to write it years before it was possible but was dissuaded because he was a fantasy writer and should stay away from such serious topics.

The characters are not as vibrant as they possibly could have been although there were a few like Amanda that pulled on my heart. It was interesting to see the authors interpretation of the psychology of those in such camps, and the fascism and political intrigue that takes place behind the scenes, both topics I normally enjoy reading.

Over all the book was not one of my favorites and I am glad it was offered free, since I own plenty of Tracy’s other books I won’t feel bad about not giving him an offering for this one.

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I make it a personal rule to never read anything written by someone named “Tracy.”


You should consider picking up and reading some of the “Politically Incorrect Guides” or P.I.G. books as they are affectionately known.

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