Pride again rears its head.


The other day, in the middle of a somewhat heated debate via email, I realized another aspect where my pride hiders my ability to follow Christ and for that matter to be a good friend. I was so tied up in the idea of being right and clever that I refused to even consider the points my friend was making. I even continued to argue points that I didn’t really believe just to be right; it was a pure pride issue. I didn’t even realize I was doing it until I stopped to think after I had sent my latest email.

I had to send a follow up apologizing to my friend and then took some serious time to not only contemplate his points but to consider where this type of action could take me. I took some time today to examine what the Bible says about the proud and it isn’t a very pretty picture.

The LORD detests all the proud of heart.
Be sure of this: They will not go unpunished.
Prov 16:5

Before his downfall a man’s heart is proud,
but humility comes before honor.
Prov 18:12

Whoever slanders his neighbor in secret,
him will I put to silence;
whoever has haughty eyes and a proud heart,
him will I not endure.
Psalm 101:5

Not only is God against my pride but it prevents me from getting closer to him. How many times have I sinned and refused to approach him in the very hour of need. But how do you fix something like this? Only God can change the heart of a man. I just wish he would work faster.


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  1. I had to go through a similar experience with my son this past week. I posted a blog on myspace about it. Your situation and character (which mirrors mine) is that you’re a gifted debater, you enjoy that debate process and you hate being wrong.

    Under the surface I have to believe that since God made you (us) that way, it must be a gifting from Him. The challenge is learning how to yeild that gift to His Lordship so that it can be perfected unto His purposes.

  2. While my pride appreciates your final humility (since I was the one you were debating with), I agree that the desire to BE right often clouds our ability to remain humble and DO right.

    Why can’t the gift/curse of debate be both from God and a result of our fallen nature? Our fallen nature requires different skill sets than our eventual perfect nature – hunting and farming are a couple of skills/talents that I would argue weren’t needed before the fall of man and won’t be needed in the afterlife but are still gifts from God. Can’t the ability to influence minds with skilled debate fall into the same category?

  3. My thoughts are based on my personal opinion and obersvation of Jesus in the scripture. I wouldn’t say that I know I’m 100% right on this, but it’s what the Lord has been showing me; so here goes.

    Jesus identified the differences in personality traits among his disciples and coached them accordingly. Look at how he dealt with Peter, as opposed to Thomas. And there’s a reason that the tag “Sons of Thunder” was used, right? He didn’t call them to repent of their internal personality traits and giftings, rather he worked with His disciples based on who they were and what they were most gifted to do.

    We readily see this with artistic talents in society, do we not? A singer can use his or her natural talent to sell sex and debauchery on the radio, or he or she can glorify God with it, and lead others into His presence through worship.

  4. I suppose it would depend on what Scott meant when he said ‘God made you that way’. The skill to influence could be a gift but the lack of humility (a gift of the spirit) would not be.

  5. Well – I would say that the situation here would be using the ‘gift’ of debate to service the sin of pride. I am certainly guilty of this… I say – don’t despise the gift, simply work to weld it to serve God and not ourselves…

  6. Well since you all are excellent debaters, maybe propose to yourself in a few upcoming known to be heated debates to not debate. Ok so I know that’s far fetched for all of you but I guess what I mean is to take a step back before entering the battle ring to determine the best course of words and of heart.

    remember asking God is always the first step to anything.

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