Wow, answer to prayer!

Prayer HandsI have to add this post to my normal rotation because it was such a great day. I prayed today, more than normal, for God to open the doors for me to share the gospel, to remove the yellow from my back to walk through it and to give me the proper words in the event.

Well out of the blue today a co-worker asked me about which bible to buy because she hasn’t read it in a long time and want to read it for ‘educational purposes.’ She is pretty anti-church although God has used me drop a few seeds of pure Gospel into her life so this was a real surprise. I was able to talk to her about the word of God and I am continuing to pray that God will speak to her through his word and use me if he desires so that she can come to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.


7 responses to “Wow, answer to prayer!”

  1. cool. It has been my experience that often I receive a boost to my faith/ or more a “remembering” what it was like to begin a journey toward God. Enjoy!!!!! May you have many more opportunities- it can be the best “high”. Um. I meant to say. Uh. Inspiration- new fire- new wind. Take your choice.

  2. She has been reading pretty frequently and it is very interesting to hear what someone who hasn’t been given a ton of baggage thinks about things.

  3. any updates. it really is refreshing to hear from someone who doesn’t have a lot of baggage. What has often impressed me is: how easliy/clearly they understand some ofwhat I perceived to me difficult “concepts”.

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