Random Thoughts

  • I recently passed by a Speedway gas station and saw a sign for shockwave extra caffeinated coffee. I can’t help but wonder when the first American’s heart is going to explode from these “energy” drinks, if it hasn’t happened already.

  • And while we are talking about signs, I pass a church every day that has one of those cheap movable letter signs and this week it said “Satan is a nerd.” I resent being grouped with Satan and I am sure all the rest of the nerds do as well.

  • I have had many people tell me “Even if Christ never lived” I would still live a Christian (although I suppose it would have to be renamed) life because it is the best way to live. I just realized that is the opposite of Paul’s way of thinking: “If the dead are not raised,
    “Let us eat and drink,
    for tomorrow we die.” I Cor. 15:32

  • It is annoying when you try to do the right thing and people treat you like you are crazy. I happen to know that I was undercharged at our café and I told the cashier so, she looked at me very strangely.

  • Why are basic economic reasons not good enough for some people? We have to demonize someone because the price of gasoline is going up. Could it just be that India and China are using more so demand is going up? And if we are going to demonize someone why not our government who have continually stopped all efforts to drill in our country for more oil and stopped efforts to build more refineries which we need.

  • I am still wondering how long until the price of energy really begins to change our lifestyles and what it will look like. Zoning will have to change into smaller towns as less people are willing to drive 30 miles to shop. I believe schools and churches will need to be distributed for the same reasons.

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