Dark Knight

With Heather leaving town this weekend I took off to with a buddy to see The Dark Knight. I was skeptical to see it because it was tremendously well hyped as the best movie ever, and the death of Heath Ledger only served to increase this hype. (This post is spoiler free)

I must first say I wasn’t let down because I kept my hopes low, although I must say Ledger did a phenomenal job as the Joker. The character changed a great deal in this movie since Jack Nicholson played the role almost 20 years ago.

This movie is much darker that Batman Begins, in my opinion. There are many scenes that remind me of what I have heard and read of Saw, I haven’t seen it personally. I enjoyed the film, and its examination of human nature, but I will not go see it again unless Heather wants to see it when she gets back in town.

I would give this movie 3.5 stars.

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