That Guy in Every Church…

That guy in every church…

I was riding my bike last night (Man that is much easier when I am not hauling my daughter behind me) and I passed a guy on the trail that reminded me of a guy I used to know, and another.  It seems to me that there are certain types of guys that are in every church/youth group see if you recognize any of them.  TO BE CLEAR THIS IS MEANT IN GOOD HUMOR!!!!

1.      Biker guy – Usually has a shaved head, decent build, probably works as a trainer or in construction.  People would probably say he is “The nicest guy”.

2.      Older hard core guy – This guy is an older man probably with kids in the youth group, he didn’t live as a Christian but now he is incredibly serious.  He will tell you exactly what you are doing wrong and why. He studies the scripture like a man on a mission to make up for lost time.  He has a few tattoos from his ‘old days’ usually.

3.      Serial Dater guy – This is a youth group kid, he knows how to play the game and he has never been without a girlfriend for more than a minute.  He has or will cause an endless number of conflicts between the women/girls in the church as he dates them all.

4.      Ladies guy – This guy probably didn’t have a father growing up and now he is more comfortable with the ladies at the bake sale than with the guys.  He was raised in church and will probably end up in Bible College.  For the love of God take him out and teach him to shoot a gun.

Do you recognize any of these guys?  Do you know of any others?

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