Random Stuff

  • I started an experiment today; I am trying to look everyone in the eye as I pass them in the hall or on the street.  I am not trying to be creepy but I am also not trying to avoid eye contact.  It is really strange what people will do to avoid eye contact, stare at a blank wall, look at their feet or stare very hard straight ahead.
  • How can a creature whose diet is completely liquid poop so much?  Uncle John’s Bathroom reader says a newborn poops and pees their own weight every 60 hours.
  • I came to a conclusion a long time ago and it has only been confirmed by my children “No one on the earth can make you as angry as the women you love.”
  • How hard can it be to find a church that is reformed, missional, and still believes in the gifts of the spirit?
  • It is amazing how much easier it is to ride my bike without my daughter in her trailer behind me, between the extra 30 pounds and the wind resistance I don’t think I got above 12 mph.
  • When will people realize that every where that the government gives money away prices increase?  College, health care, and housing are all places where the government has been throwing money and those prices have been steadily climbing.  If you want prices down stop giving people money to buy stuff.
  • Speaking of money and health care, while insured process are steadily getting more and more expensive procedures that are not covered by insurance are getting cheaper, like Lasik and plastic surgery.

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