I used to believe…

I have said in the past and continue to say to some extent that I don’t trust someone who has never changed their mind on some matter.  I have known a few people who are so dogmatic about every single topic that I just tune them out because they obviously are no longer open to the possibility of learning.  So I have decided to list a few of my own learns from the past:

I used to believe…

  1. That Christians should only read the King James Version of the Bible and all other English translations were tools of the devil.
  2. That if you gave 10% of your income to the church you were guaranteed financial success.
    1. And God wanted everyone to be rich.
  3. God would always make my life fun.
  4. I was sovereign and not God.
  5. I didn’t ever want to have kids.

What about you are there any things you used to believe?  Let us know below…

One response to “I used to believe…”

  1. I used to believe God wanted everyone to be rich.
    I used to believe the NIV was translated by homosexuals – don’t laugh, google it… I don’t any more.
    I used to believe I was fat… now I wish I weighed what I did when I believed that…


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