Blindness the Novel

I suppose I am one of the few people who would hurry to get a book before the movies comes out when they have no intention of seeing the movie.  But when I discovered that the new movie Blindness is based on a noble prize winning book I decided to branch outside of my normal reading patters and give it a try.

The author employs some very interesting methods in his writing the first of which is his grammatical form.  There are very few paragraph breaks and little punctuation outside of commas and periods, which makes the conversations in the story very difficult to follow until you get used to it.

Additionally, none of the characters use proper names but are simply described by some feature of their personality, appearance or their relation ship to another character.  I felt very little attachment to the characters as a whole and there was very little development of them.

The book does have at least one scene of a graphic sexual nature that I was not comfortable with and wish I could have skipped because it added little to the story but nevertheless I feel compelled to warn anyone who may be tempted or offended by such a scene.  To be honest I wish I wouldn’t have read this scene for the images that came to my mind.

I am sure that the author was attempting to make some great moral or philosophical point when he wrote this book but he doesn’t make it very clear the story is barely coherent or interesting and doesn’t have a good ending.

I thought a Nobel Prize winning book would be better.  It seems when I step outside of my normal reading patters I discover why they are my normal reading patterns.

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