It is all about the Gospel even sex

It is all about the Gospel.

Last week at our house church I heard probably the greatest message on sex and marriage I have ever heard. The reason was because it went past pop psychology to the gospel and how our fallen nature affects our marriages. The Gospel should always be at the center of our lives, ministries, marriages and blogs.
The message was by Mark Driscoll and I will embed it here in the post if you would like to see it and I suggest you do…

The trouble with many marriages including my own is that we never plan for sin. We have a financial plan, a plan for raising our children, and plans for our vacation but not a plan for sin. I am a sinner, I am evil by nature and I married a sinner who is evil by nature, that doesn’t make for a sinless marriage. Pastor Mark Driscoll calls us to account for that in our marriages.

I am a shamefully proud person and it is very difficult for me to admit I am wrong. I will argue points I don’t even agree with just to ‘win’ the argument at times. This has hindered me in many relationships but consistently with my wife. After hearing from God on the details of this issue we are working on it together but we must consider the fact that we are fallen people and we will hurt one another.

One of the parts of the message that really touched me was when Mark’s wife joined him for the Q&A at the end and he asked the question if he deserved to be forgiven by her when he sins. The answer is no, forgiveness is mercy and grace which is by nature not deserved. The issues is not that we deserve to be forgiven by God or our spouses but that we forgive because God forgives.

I really hope and pray that Heather and I can live the gospel out more and more in our marriage so that our girls can truly understand the majesty of the glory of God.

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  1. Thank you honey for those great words. And yes together we can work and strengthen our marriage in always,,, even in sneaky little dates. (oh wait should i not have said that?)

  2. Yes– Jason – It is all about sex– even the gospel. Oh. No wait. That’s not what you wrote was it. AAh. How embarrassing. Especially for my children. They often say,”Mom- you are out of control.” Not- just like to shake things up from time to time. And well, I am getting old(older?) and we all know how those “old” people talk about sex more than they is gettin’ any. NOT. Should I oplogize ahead of time Jason. Or maybe this won’t even make it to publication. Tee Hee.

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