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If you don’t like poker skip this entry…  If you are not sure what the WBCOOP is see my previous post.

I decided to live blog the tourney so I could keep my ADD in line and not blow it.

  • My first goal is to make it to the first break; one hour into play.
  • I got started pretty well with a pair of Kings, and was able to walk way with a few hundred chips which pushed me into second place for just a second.  I quickly fell but haven’t been below
  • I am trying to keep the number of hands I play down so I can not lose on stupid plays.
  • I am also trying to not take any risks early so I can stay alive.
  • 45 minutes in I am doing pretty well, 97 of 394 but I need to be 72 or better to advance.
  • My biggest win was a when I flopped a set of 6’s but I have done pretty well winning and kept my losses small.
  • Made it to the break
  • With a stupid play, because I was on the phone, I dropped to 148 of 340.
  • The ante’s begin after the break, I think I may have to open up my starting hands a bit more and make some good moves.
  • It doesn’t help that the best hand I have seen all night was the one set I won with and one I folded preflop.
  • Time to start stealing blinds and antes 🙂
  • JJ I hate those cards…whew everyone folded to my raise.
  • 1700 with 66
  • Back down with AK (Anna Kornikova, looks good but rarely wins)
  • 2589 with AQ
  • flopped another set but checked raised to hard on the flop and scared money away…
  • Doubled up on my first straight of the night.  77th place
  • Next hand KQs Split pot with KQs
  • Folded TT to an all in bet only to have folded a $2000 hand. full house would have won it. arggghgh
  • Lost half of my stack on calling an all in with KQ to AJ.  It was stupid but I figured I was 50% and had to take a risk, ok I am just trying to make myself feel better.
  • I want to make it to the next break in 19 minutes.
  • I am down to 10 Big blinds
  • Back in it with another set that I was able to slow play but I got scared off my the two kings on the board.  92 of 159
  • AJ against one player, I flopped top pair with my jack he raised for 1000 1/3 of his stack I pushed all in and he folded.  57 of 154
  • AA I raised for 900 (3BB) and then pushed all in after the flop only to find out my opponent had flopped a set.  I busted out in 153 palce 6 minutes short of my goal to reach the next break.  I got to excited when I saw the AA since I hadn’t seen it all night in the 145 hands I had played.

In retrospect I shouldn’t have played pushed all in even though the odds of him having a set were terribly small if he was willing to bet he had something.  I was just hoping it was KK or QQ.

Well better luck next year.

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It doesn’t fit the theme but I was only in the tourney because I had a blog. Since it was for bloggers, if I had done better it may have meant a great deal of traffic for the site.

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