Sins of Young Men

God save me from the sins of young men; save me from my arrogance and pride, looking at older men and thinking my experience is greater than theirs. Save me from the youthful lusts that so easily beset my generation. Save me from the desire to learn more about culture than about you. Save me from the thought that if someone doesn’t agree with me that they simply don’t understand. Help me to love your people in all areas in not just in my social, economic and racial background. Save me from the idea that I am in some way superior to those who have not received your grace, and may I always remember that it is only because of your gift of grace that I am anything.

God save me from the sins of middle aged men; save me from idolizing my wife and children and placing them in a place of importance that dwarfs you. Save me from being choked out by the cares of this world and the love of money (which is the root of all evil) that can be the weeds that choke out my fruitfulness in your kingdom. God save me from my complacency and the thought that I have already done your work in my youth and I deserve a break. Save me from the baggage of my past that threatens to hinder my love for my brothers and sisters.

God I know not of the sins of old men but I pray you will keep me from those as well.

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