What a Surprise

Saturday afternoon I was sitting around having coffee with two of my best friends not suspecting the shock I was in for.

Aaron had taken a wrong turn after showing me a store front he was looking to buy to open up a magic shop.  We ended up in a city park after hours to turn around and I was oblivious until he said “Aren’t those our wives?”  I looked up and saw two of the most beautiful ladies in the world; I happen to be married to one of them.  They took us into a little building you can rent where my wife had planned a surprise party.
It was sweet and she has done it before but suddenly Brian a friend who lives in Mississippi walked around the corner.  Then I walked into the main room to Dale and Stephanie from Arizona and Jamon and Joy from PA.  There were several other people I hadn’t seen in quite some time and all my friends from Ohio.
Needless to say I didn’t sleep at all Saturday night but it was the greatest birthday party I have ever had.  It really makes you realize how blessed you are when you are surrounded by your friends, and they are willing to sacrifice to see you.

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