Meanwhile at the fortress of Solitude…

I honestly didn’t intend to drop this blog so completely but my new blog has taken up a lot more of my time than I intended.

But things have been moving along quite nicely, I had recently posted about being caught between two worlds and while I have reduced my extra biblical reading on theological matters in favor of research for I have actually increased my biblical reading.  I am not following my weekly schedule but I have been reading throught I Cor which has been awesome.  Paul was writing to a church with no “church” background, they had a pagan religious background much like our current culture.
Since Heather and I have started attending a church “in the city for the city” I thought it would be good to read this particular book and God has really helped me to see some of my own religious tendencies.

Also since the last time I posted Time magazine has named the “New Calvinism” as one of the top ten ideas changing the world right now.  They do a decent job on the article but if you would like to read more info on one of the major players in the movement see Mark Driscoll’s comments here and here

Other than that I hope to be able to write something more thoughtful in the future. 🙂

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